Monday, August 11, 2008

Another day, another missing horse

I ran across this story and thought now would be a good time to feature it. I know we have a lot of Canadian readers and perhaps someone knows where this boy is. It's obvious to me this owner will take him back at any age in any condition. Have you seen him?

"Harley is a dark bay thoroughbred gelding with a small star and large snip, and with socks to mid-cannon bone on his left front and both hind legs. He is a foal of 1989, stands 16.3 hands, and has a lip tattoo that reads S02075."

In 1994, the horse, who was only sound for light use on the flat, was free leased on verbal contract to Sue and Chuck Leedy in Howard County, Maryland. The Leedys sold the horse without permission in 1996 to Izabela Jedral, who sold him within the week to a dealer named Zelko Krcmar.

Krcmar told the original owner that he sold the horse to a lawyer in Toronto, Canada and the horse was stabled at Elderberry Farms. This was in 1999. Elderberry Farms confirmed that the horse had been there (quite a relief, as Krcmar is known to be a slaughter buyer as well) and had been owned by a woman named Catherine Wilson, but that she had recently sold him.

Wilson refused to divulge the current whereabouts of the horse to the original owner. Why, I don't know. Bitch. That was in 1999, and the trail goes cold after that.

Original owner is very upset and is worried that since the horse was unsound that he has gone to slaughter or wound up in bad circumstances. If you are in the Ontario, Canada area and know the whereabouts of Harley, e-mail Siobhan McGowan-DeLancey.