Thursday, August 21, 2008

The good, the bad, and the fugly!

How cool is this? Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue did an expo at the Montgomery County Fair last weekend. Now this is what I like to see in a rescue. These horses are fat, shiny, and BROKE! People are actually riding them. As I've noted before, warehousing horses does not get them adopted. Training is paramount - most people want to adopt a horse that already rides. Gentle Giants is in Maryland for those of you who might like to check out these beautiful available horses!

Horsetopia continues to make my brain bleed.

And I know we see this every day but I'm still sick of it. While I have no doubt that Frosty is a "good one," can't you make that point without risking your child's neck? He's 24 freaking years old, I think I'm gonna believe you if you tell me he's safe without the theatrical asshattery.

I just do not understand risking your child's safety to sell horses. If ol' Frosty were packing her around a ring and she had a helmet on, I'd have no problem with these pictures. Why must she be crawling all over the horse and doing acrobatics on him with a bare head? It doesn't show that he's fabulously broke. It just shows that you're a careless parent.

Sorry, I should have put an "eye bleach" warning on this one. This hideous monstrosity is a grade TB/Appy/draft mare offered for sale for $275 by Smilin Cow Ranch in Oregon. Long backed, short ewe neck, back at the knees, toes out, and I do believe her fugly head is longer than her neck!

OF-FUCKING-COURSE, she's BRED! Because why wouldn't you breed your fugly mixed breed unbroke mare that you are gonna dump before winter? Along with all of your other extra dude string horses and things you don't want to mess with?