Saturday, August 23, 2008

Let's talk about sensible stallions!

In my travels through cyberspace, I came across this Arabian stallion and I thought, wow, now THAT'S what should be reproducing!

His name is WL Intruder. Among his wins are 2003 Youth National Champion Hunter over Fences. Yes,
youth. He has also won jumping competitions bareback and bridleless. He's got a brain and he sure as heck doesn't "jump like an Arab." He jumps like a damn good jumper.

I thought about this today because I was at a show that didn't allow stallions. I was thinking about how the people who insist upon bringing out their rank pieces of crap ruin it for everybody else. This stallion knows how to behave himself in mixed company. So do many others.

Many years ago, when I decided to breed my mare, one of the main reasons I chose the stallion I did - an AQHA stallion and Superior Halter Horse called Barlink Frosty Boy - was that you could just grab him out of the stall and go ride him. He didn't care if there were mares in the arena. He didn't whinny and scream and drag you down the aisle. You never had to worry about what he was going to do. I also used to know an APHA stallion whose registered name was Okie Jewpauls Hope that you could shove into a two horse trailer with a mare and go trail riding. No issues. Never. He had a crappy lowlife BYB owner at the time but I know he got upgraded and went to California and got shown successfully over fences. I think both of those boys are dead and gone by now but they were classic examples to me of how a good stallion should behave.

So tell me- in your breed of choice, who would you point to as a stallion who won/is winning at the shows and knows how to behave himself? I'm looking for horses who have that winning combination of talent and a disposition where people who stood next to him at a show say "I never knew that was a stallion!" I don't want to hear about the neighbor's stud that his kids ride double bareback, but has never been to a horseshow.

And hey, if you want to use this opportunity to mention a few rank SOB's that should get cut, feel free!
I have been at horseshows where the Gelding Bus SHOULD have been there and the judge SHOULD have had the authority to send a stallion to it!