Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Forget building a case, let's just get a posse together

Graphic picture alert - don't follow this link if you don't want to see.

The story was posted on LiveJournal by the daughter of a wonderful rescuer who is THE ONLY reason this horse is going to survive. Here's the basic story from the LJ post:

"His name is Buck (original, no?). And he's a beautiful black and white pinto. His owners gelded him on Saturday, rode him the following Wednesday (?!) and left him tied to a fence in his pasture on Thursday morning while they all went out for drinks and BBQ across town (*rage*). That day, a large T-storm rolled through and we are assuming that this is what caused Buck to break his lead rope and flee. When the owners came back, they found Buck on their neighbors property with massive wounds on his shoulder and side. He had apparently broken through two fences and caught himself on the side of an in-ground BBQ pit and ripped it out of the ground. They sprayed some of that topical wound-heal stuff on it and left it until yesterday (3 days?!). They decided to surrender him because they "didn't have time to take care of it"."

Habitat for Horses is rehabbing him. Please make a contribution if you are able to - they do great work and I'm sure the vet bills on this one will be extensive. They are pursuing prosecution, and I'm sure they will have information up when it is appropriate about which D.A. to contact to suggest that these people be, say, soaked in kerosene and lit on fire. OK, OK, of course I recommend a more polite e-mail than that...but you know it is what I am thinking would be appropriate!

I think I want to start a campaign. It's going to be called HORSES ARE BAD. It's going to be targeted at all the redneck, knuckle-dragging idiots in the world and their teenage kids and will be an educational campaign to teach such concepts as:

1. Horses are "out." Quads are much cooler and you want one of them instead!

2. Horses carry disease. Yup. You kin get AIDS from them thar horses. It's in their spit and if they bite you, y'all will get it. So you don't want none of them critters around!

3. Horses are for girls. Real men ride motorcycles! And they don't wear none of those sissy helmets neither. ('Cause if some of y'all smack your head on the concrete and take yourselves out of the gene pool, that'll be just fine by me!)

4. Horses are real spendy and will cut into your beer budget. (Complete with spreadsheets showing pictorial depictions of the number of cases of beer lost per year per horse!)

Do you think it might work?