Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I LOVE it when this happens!

Blogger Lusitano Epiphany alerted me several months ago that trail string horses at the Sparks Trading Post were in dire straits, and that she and others were trying to do something about it. They were still working on it and needed to get on the property so I didn't out the guy right off - I just blogged about how to choose a good trail riding establishment and survive the experience.

Well, they actually took action and alerted the authorities, and the asshat got busted! Busted and charged with animal cruelty! Read all about it! Seventeen cruelty charges!

Of course, Asshat's defenders are online whining about how he just has "a big heart" and not enough money. OH BULLSHIT! I'm so sick of hearing that! You do not have a big heart if you take in more than you can feed (and especially when you whore them out for trail string in this condition). You are a soulless, greedy asshat who (like many guys, sorry guys but this is a common feature of the male mind) wants to believe he is a "nice guy" and wants other people to believe that about him. Peter Sparks, you are not a nice guy. Hopefully you will soon be a convicted animal abuser and have to get into a different business where the inventory doesn't starve and suffer when business is bad!

P.S. If any of you Sparks defenders think it is soooooo haaaaard to put weight on old horses, hand us one of them. I will bet this blog's readers can foster and fatten up any of those Sparks horses to normal weight in 60 days. I'll make you any bet you want to make on that.