Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Every once in a while, you just get one of those special pictures

I try not to do "reruns" and feature farms already featured here, but this picture, posted on Craigslist, deserves special mention. I know that our first instinct here is that this horse is going down a hill - but look at the background. Look at the position of the feet on the side we're on. If there is a hill there, it's not much of one - certainly not enough to explain this horse, who looks like he is going to do a face plant in about two seconds. Our second instinct here is that this is a two year old and they should simply let him grow up and get level before riding him, right? Nope! It's a four year old!

But my favorite is their reason for selling him. "Must Sell (as geldings do not fit in a breeding program)" Yup. No sense keeping anything that can't pop out more fugly, assless, downhill Appies! Whatever would be the reason?

Now, for those who think I just pick on Appies all the time, here is one for $250 that I like and do not think should go where I suspect he is going - quote the ad "I AM TRYING TO SELL HIM FOR SOMEONE THAT JUST WANTS HIM GONE." Greeeeaat. He's a 2 year old colt, sounds like not even halter broke, but he is a good looking little shit and they claim he's friendly. He is hog fat here but he's a nice little short backed, well balanced guy with a cute head who looks like he'd stay sound forever. Oh, and he's only 13 hands so he'll be staying pony sized. I can see him being an terrific little kids' gaming horse. If you're near Farmersville, Texas, and up for a project, it'd be nice to see this cute guy get a chance.