Thursday, August 7, 2008

Look, it's the Hunchback of HYPP!

This is a HYPP H/H AQHA mare.

She also has a godawful roach back.

She is actively affected with HYPP and they admit she is on meds.

She is in foal to Triple X Fella.

Her owner is Lori Mroz.

Triple X Fella is owned by Dan Schroeder and Deb Tiede (or at least stands at their farm)

Greedy asshat Lori wants $1800 for her.

She should NOT be pregnant! She should be adopted out to a checked out home to be someone's pet/companion horse for as long as the poor thing has before she almost inevitably suffocates to death during an attack! My God, even if she weren't HYPP positive, I wouldn't breed her with that back. Are you people completely insane?


Stallion owners, try to grow the same appendages your stallions possess and JUST SAY NO to HYPP positive mares! Triple X Fella is freakin' gorgeous and is HYPP N/N. I wouldn't have a bad thing to say about you guys. You COULD have been featured as an example of a GOOD stallion, but no, you have to accept positive mares. Greedy, greedy, greedy! What other explanation is there?

Dear GOD, is the buffalo above REALLY what you want popping out your stallion's foals? Really? Seriously, did you guys like ship semen and ask no questions or what? Don't tell me you saw this thing and still bred it?

Again, ALL WE HAVE TO DO to end HYPP forever, ALL WE HAVE TO DO so that no more horses suffocate to death, zero, zip, zilch, is STOP BREEDING ALL H/H AND N/H HORSES IMMEDIATELY! That is ALL we have to do. This is NOT a mystery. If we ONLY bred N/N horses from this point forward, there would be NO MORE HYPP ATTACKS. NONE!

Yeah. I get very angry about this. Can you imagine how it feels to have a seizure and suffocate to death alive and aware because your body will not breathe anymore? The muscles just won't respond and you sit there feeling your chest clamp up and the pain start and feeling the panic of not being able to get another breath?

Yeah. Imagine that, Lori and Dan and Deb. And if that doesn't give you a nightmare or two, you guys have got something seriously wrong with you.