Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rescues breeding? OK. Rescues breeding badly? NOT OK!

I've said before that I don't mind hearing that someone both rescues and breeds (assuming obviously that they keep the two things financially separate). It's par for the course in dog and cat breed rescue, where most rescue is done by breeders who actually care where the animals wind up! And heck, if they rescue a superstar mare with papers, I have no issue whatsoever with them putting her into their program once rehabbed. HOWEVER, when a rescue contributes to the problem by breeding absolute crap with bad dispositions, I have to speak up.

This is the case with Ponytales Rescue, which for some unfathomable reason thought this aggressive stallion that they acquired because it killed another horse should be bred. In her own words from a post on Alex Brown Racing:

"Before I got him he killed a gelding that someone turned out with him not knowing , this is what landed him on a feedlot in Maine awaiting shipment to slaughter. He has attacked several geldings that people brought within striking distance depsite being fore warned."

Alright, let's see what we have here. Bad disposition. Homely and unrefined. And apparently his greatest accomplishment is being ridden in his stall by a small child. Which is really super smart considering that he attacks horses that get "within striking distance." Yup, that's what I'd put a child on. And the riding in the stall thing is SUCH a good idea. Broken leg, anybody?

No responsible breeder would breed this rank, nasty stallion and make more of him - why is a rescuer doing it? Hell, why is she breeding anything when her main source of income seems to be the Alex Brown board? Beg, beg, beg - but make another mouth to feed? What is that about?

Oh and here's the beauty queen she bred him to. Long as a train, straight shoulder, just as common as he is. Blech. Can't wait to see that foal. $10 says donations from the Alex Brown Board, aka the Suckers R US! board, go to pay for foaling expenses!
(I LOVE you people who donate to rescues, truly I do, but PLEASE make wiser choices. If I have to hear about one more Fair Dinkum debacle, I am gonna throw up. Give to LOCAL rescues that YOU can visit and check out. That is all I ask!)