Friday, August 22, 2008

Forget the bitchslap tour...

I think what we REALLY need to concentrate on is a mobile gelding bus! I mean, I can come up with 500 much-needed stops without hardly trying.

First Stop: Paris, Ohio!

"10 y/o Painted Quarter Horse stallion. Stands 15.5 He will come up to you,he walks and leads. He throws loud colored foals. Last few years he has just been running with mares. Has not been under saddle for a few years. This horse will need retrained. MUST be an experienced rider. Asking $500.00 FIRM. Located in Paris , Ohio ... Call for further questions... 330-265-3381."

Second stop: Heading north to Holmen, Wisconsin! OK, how ungodly fugly is this Clydesdale stallion? Heck, there's not a single gelding at that draft rescue I just showed you that isn't 10x the quality of this critter.

I LOVE their page of justifications for not doing jack shit with the horses (you know, like, um, GROOMING THEM) "
I don't have 'show' pictures up as that is not what our horses do. Not that they aren't capable, they are very much so. But we are selling you a horse. If you love the horses in the natural you will really love them cleaned up. We don't want to sell you glitz and glamour, we want to sell you a horse. "

All right, we're heading west to Utah to ask the question: Did ya steal that front end from Donald Duck? This is a Missouri Foxtrotter stud. All I can say is that it needs to be a Missouri Foxtrotter gelding. NOW.

These folks brag that they have over 100 horses. Yup, a hundred horses and no eye. That's how it usually goes!

I also LOVE that they have a broodmare whose barn name is "Snarly." Yup. That's one you wanna make some more of!

And - par for the course - you can see how wonderful their horses are based upon the rider lying all over them like lawn furniture while they're loose in the field.

Just remember, as you carefully evaluate your breeding stock for conformation and doesn't really matter! Color is everything!

Yes, I think we need to make the Gelding Bus a top priority! Any vets want to volunteer to do the snipping?

For the Seattle Area Locals: Don't forget, the SAFE benefit horse show is tomorrow! You don't need to pre-enter, you can just show up at Bridle Trails and show. And if you don't have a horse to show, you can come and watch the fun, including special Rescue Horse classes and an exhibition by Cowgirl Spirit Rescue Drill Team at lunch.

Cowgirl Spirit will be showcasing three of its adoptable horses: Class, Salsa, and Prince Caspian. "Caspian" has only been under saddle for a few weeks and is already proving himself to be a superstar. He is a Varian bred Arabian and would love a new home for fall, so come by and check him out if you're in the area!