Monday, August 25, 2008

This is why I hate the round pen

Before the round pen became commonplace, people who decided to "just get on" a horse without putting any formal training into it were often taken out via natural selection. Now, they have this fluffy sand-covered enclosure where they can bounce off their scared young horse, laugh idiotically, and get up and try it again.


The underweight Clydesdale photographer e-mailed me. She got the standard response - I don't edit posts, and you may sue me if you so choose. Apparently she missed the whole point that I wasn't accusing the horse of being uphill. I rather like uphill horses. I simply said he was fugly as sin, and underweight, and should be a gelding - opinions I absolutely stand by!


As the copyright holder of that picture you put up on your “FUGLY” site, I’m asking that you remove it immediately. You do not have any permission to steal the picture. I know this for a fact as I took the picture myself, and you may tell your “posters” that the picture WAS taken in the pasture as well as Westin was going up hill. The farm my aunt has is extremely hilly, so yes they do sometimes look like they are “uphill” it is only because they are literally standing UP HILL OR DOWN HILL… and if her horses were so bad then how is she selling them to bigger named trainers around the country for jumping, dressage, and 3 day eventing?

There are also some things that were said that are very untrue about my aunt’s horses. One in particular was someone claimed to be on the same board as the owner…. Not true, I’m on the board, NOT the owner, and she does NOT “know” this stallion, I had found her ad looking to trade a mare, and mentioned it to my aunt, then when my aunt learned more about the mare and her ‘lameness’ my aunt said NO, this person didn’t tell her no.

This is a warning to you, that you must remove the picture of Westin and comments about the horses and mules of Brookhill Farm. Being that it is your blog you are responsible for the content and what you have done is slander, theft, and copyright infringement.

Amanda Wilson"

This was sent to me and it DEFINITELY deserves a mention:

"With all of the bad raps that run rampant across the net I wanted to at least mention that since day one The Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse has always had a policy of "No questions asked, can't keep your horse? Send it to us". This year alone they have already place 4 horses. When the driving force behind The Foundation was at the helm of the International Andalusian Horse Association, it implemented microchipping for all stock and was also working to get livestock yards to scan all horses so they could keep Andalusians out of the auction yards. If they needed a scanner it would be donated. How many breed assoc or groups will take the unwanted purebreds amongst their membership? I don't think there are too many with formal programs."

I agree. All of the breed registries, ALL of them, DO need to step up and do their part. Is your breed association even donating to rescues?

All right, back to work - I am trying to catch up on e-mails, I really am! Hope everybody had a great weekend. If I met you at the SAFE Show, thanks for coming out and supporting SAFE. I have already forgotten your blog name, 'cause I'm braindead like that, but one of you brought your wonderful 19 year old tobiano who was in beautiful condition and an EXEMPLARY example of how an older horse should look and perform. What a sweetheart!