Sunday, August 17, 2008

Holy chit, you people scare me!


Date: 2008-06-01, 4:19PM

I will put on VERY INTENSE hours on your horse not just before you pick up your horse like other TRAINERS do !! I will take you on a trail ride after 30 days then you let me known if you want more training but i doubt it you will BUT THIS IS NOT YOUR AVERAGE HORSE ACAMEDY no pampering (but well fed grain and hay) I PERSONALLY RIDE THE CHIT OUT OF THEM. RODE VERY HARD!!!!!!!!!1 AND PUT AWAY WET !! SO THEY SAY I'M NOT A SO TO SAY TREAT THEM LIKE A PUPPY !! THEY ARE HORSES, AND I'M NOT A OLD FANSION COWBOY!! BUT I WILL TAKE ON AND RIDE THE CHIT OUT OF THEM AND MAKE THEM OBEY LIKE THEY SHOULD AND BE A GREAT TRAIL COMPANION TOMMY 612-964-4111

Location: ramsey

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So I went to the web site and apparently this dude's name is Tommy Guyer, and he will teach your horse to jump into the bed of your pickup. Awesome. My only REAL question after viewing the web site is what the other trainer, Lynn Swanson, is doing sharing space with this neanderthal. She appears to be normal and competent. Honey, I don't care how good of a deal you're getting, it's not good enough! Ever heard of guilt by association? I'd hate to see you get confused with Tommy who rides the chit out of them.

Of course, Tommy is standing a fugly paint stallion too, described only as "Chex." Because bloodlines don't matter (nor apparently does any sort of decent looking hip or legs or neck or shoulder) - "we breed for brains."

Good thing you're trying to put some on the horses - perhaps it will help balance out the human deficit thereof.