Friday, August 8, 2008

OK folks, start your engines!

I'm giving you all a Friday project.

There are a LOT of missing horses listed on the Internet. Some were stolen. Some were sold by later owners and now the earlier owners are flipping out. Some were sold and now the person regrets it. Some were sold and the previous owner is just dying to know what happened to them, where they are, if they're safe.

I want you all to read the following links today and see if you know any of these horses. If we get one horse and owner reunited, the project is a success. Maybe we can get more than one.

I still want to do the web site for this purpose, but I haven't had any time to work on it and the software I thought was going to work didn't. Well, I can't get it running, anyway. I have not given up on the idea, but in the meantime, see what you can all do with the existing information that's out there - let's see if we can create a happy ending this weekend! And of course, post the successes!

1) This is a 1,000+ horse list I made up from posts on the Chronicle of the Horse Forum of OTTB's. If you have one of these horses and can update a previous owner, please head over to COTH and PM them! I just have their COTH screen names on this list.

2) Missing horses on DreamHorse Really great update here on an AQHA stallion named Doc's Candor.

5) Horses that were not illegally sold, but old owners are just looking on Netposse.

6) More missing horses. This is out of date (from 2003) but wouldn't it be cool if someone recognized one now?

For today's Friday Featured Rescue, I found a story that is just ... mindboggling. Panhandle Equine Rescue did a great job of rehabbing this colt after he was found hanging from a makeshift sling with an injured hind leg. As they say on their site "He was emaciated, dehydrated, anemic, lice and parasite infested and had several pressure sores from the makeshift "belly straps" that he was forced to stay in for several days. Also, his "privates" were so swollen from the pressure of the bands, he couldn't properly urinate."
Fortunately, charges WERE pressed against the owner AND x-rays show no permanent damage was done. M&M is a yearling and is available for adoption. Ties, loads, clips, etc. This is another rescue that actually trains their horses. Amazing! And admirable. They really changed the course of this little guy's life and now he just needs that special person to ensure he never falls into bad hands again. He is in Florida, if you're interested! They also have a lot of TWH's if you're looking to adopt a rescued Walker.
Have a great weekend everybody! If you're in the PNW, don't forget that the SAFE benefit horseshow is in just two more weeks and we'd love to see you there. This a perfect, perfect, perfect schooling show for green horses and riders. Don't worry if you're not perfect yet - just come out, get experience, have fun and support a good equine rescue!