Thursday, June 5, 2008

You win, Celeita. You are the Craziest Rescuer Ever.

I have talked about Crossed Sabers/SWAP in the past, but since that time, the situation over there has totally jumped the line from reality to insanity. Where do I EVEN begin?

Let's see...Well, reading the descriptions on her available horses is always entertaining.

"totally sound for work on the flat or breeding, does not have the conformation for jumping (straight gaskins and long pasterns)" Allow me to translate that: Her conformation sucks, so you should just breed her. WTF? There's a lot more wrong with her than what you mentioned - her whole hind end is bad. Short steep croup, anyone? BTW who wrapped her back legs, a chimp with missing fingers?

And then there's her Fit Life Bootcamp - which apparently involves paying money to come and work at her rescue! OK seriously is anybody dumb enough to fall for that? Anybody at all? You KNOW she stole those before and after pics from some Body for Life ad. Those are NOT people who did this!

And WTF is the "International Life School for Women and Girls?" Honey, you NEED a life school. You need to learn about the realities of life, like, you know, GETTING A DAMN JOB!

Anyway, now Wacko Crazy Bitch sends out the following e-mail (which of COURSE got sent to me - are you people stupid? Don't you realize someone is going to send me things like this?)

"These horses are all free, all you have to do is sign our adoption contract and take them. I can't feed them anymore. My only choice if no one adopts them is to start letting horses loose and let them fend for themselves. Spoken like a true rescuer! BTW did you know that is illegal? I am pretty sure it will be easy to tie you to the 30 loose horses behind your property, especially after this e-mail. We don't have any more money to feed any of them. I have been begging people to take them for months and no one is adopting. I've also went to the other rescues to see if they would take any and all they wanted was our best horses, the ones that I know will bring money in here, the ones that will feed everyone else. So you cannot feed the horses BUT YOU STILL WON'T GIVE UP THE "GOOD" ONES? YOU NEED TO GIVE THEM ALL UP! ALL! ALL! I have the money for the delivery of feed today and then we're done, no way to pay the mortgage, no way to pay employees, no way to feed and care for the horses. Here's a clue, get rid of the employees and YOU get off your dead ass and do the work. That'll save you some money!

Someone give these guys a chance or they will be let lose in the woods behind our pasture. I don't even have the money for the vet to come and put any of them down and I don't see anyone getting adopted soon. So we have no choice, things have gotten critical here. I have a fund raiser direct mail all ready to go out and no money for stamps even. Your time would have been better spent GETTING A JOB. Go to a goddamn temp service, they may even have a job for a psycho bitch that can't spell "loose." They're not too fussy. Here's the list of free ones, the other ones are nearly down to nothing in price with the special going on right now. The warmbloods are the only ones that still could possibly pay for more feed/hay but no one is following through on their adoption even after mass marketing to try to get them placed. We are even giving away sound healthy trained horses for anyone taking a companion to try to help them. I can find you ten sound, healthy, trained horses for free on Craigslist and you won't have to take a companion horse to get them. Why are people like you so clueless about the market? I will have 10 days of feed and that's it.

Ukee in IN, Momma Doll, Deb in VA, L'Argent, Boule in OH, Meghan, Itty Bitty, Chief, Jewel, Tuff, Bubba Bean, Indy, Manny, Daisy Mae, Emily, Oh Henry, Robbie in Arkansas, Dodger, Posey, Serendipity, Itty Bitty, Jack in Missouri, Meg (STB mare), Baby (STB mare)

Click here to see all the horses and the special is explained at the top, this offer to you all is not extended to everyone, everyone else needs to follow the special on the website as we do need to try to make money on them if we can so at least I can feed some of them. The last thing I want to do is let 30 horses loose behind our pasture."

FHOTD back in: THEN GET A GODDAMN JOB, YOU LAZY BITCH! OMG the excuses, excuses, excuses. How the hell did you get into this position? Did all of those horses fall from the sky? Did you not know your finances were shaky? Shit, your finances have been shaky forever. I am so sick of seeing people do this. The time to get a job or second job is when you first start having problems, not when you have ten days of feed left! It is not the world's job to bail you out! REAL RESCUERS DO NOT MAKE THREATS LIKE THESE. Maybe you wouldn't have so many if you hadn't been running around repo'ing horses you could not afford to feed for real or imagined violations of your contract, and paying for lawyers to take people to court. You think maybe you should have focused more on buying hay and less on paying lawyers NOW?

Anyway, you win, Celeita. You are, with this latest e-mail, the Craziest Rescuer Ever. I am just sorry that the good rescues are going to wind up cleaning up your mess - as usual.

P.S. If you had gotten a damn job when I first told you to, in February, you wouldn't be in this mess.