Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I was being too kind just calling him an ignorant cowboy

...in this post.

Apparently, he's a sex offender! Yes, more wonderful judgment from our friend $am at Columbia Basin Equine Rescue. She has had Jeff the Cowboy, aka Jeff the Sex Offender, riding her rescue horses for quite some time now. $20 a pop.

I won't begin to speculate on the exact nature of their relationship, but they go to horseshows together, out drinking together and travel together. This has been confirmed by numerous people. She's taken him to parties as her date...parties that children were at. Nice!

And yeah, just look at the pic...asshat.

Oh awesome. Someone just sent me $am's Christmas Card. What a cute pic of her, her dog, her horse, and her sex offender.

(Thanks, $am! You just made me feel AWESOME about MY ability to pick 'em. Boy, I have never F'ed up this bad, even when I was really drunk!)

White Male - Age 27 - DOB: 9/18/1980
6'2" - 210lbs
Blue eyes/Black hair


Jeez, $am, learn how to use Google and you can avoid those bad boyfriends! This one's been in trouble with the law for a while now. I'm sorry you're such an endless target for me, but really - people come look at horses at your farm and bring their small children. They should know what kind of people may be hanging around.

This actually does beg a bigger question for discussion...we've all seen this happen in the horse biz, because quite frankly, the horse biz is notorious for sloppy hiring. If you have a boarding or training barn, particularly one with youth clients, have you started checking out your help, both to protect your clients and to protect yourself from liability? These days it's pretty easy to do a criminal check online for a reasonable price, so are you doing it? Has it helped you to avoid hiring someone with a record of violent crimes or sex offenses? Conversely, have you had a bad experience with an employee you wish you'd have checked out? I certainly did - I had someone come back and try to strangle me after I fired them, way back in the early 90s. Turned out he had a long record of violence towards women. I don't think these incidents are all that unusual, but back in the early 90s we didn't have the Internet. Now we do - so be smart and use it!

All right, now for today's edition of "Cut His Balls Off!" (actually that applies to the whole post, doesn't it now?)...from Utah, an AQHA stallion you can buy for the low, low, price of just $300!

"Im Freds Schroeder is a beautiful three year old black stallion. He is a grandson of Dash For Cash and has Blue Valentine and Deregulate on his papers as well. You can see his pedigree at www.allbreedpedigree.com He is broke to lead, tie and load. We have bred him to our mares and he is quite the gentleman with the ladies. He is a little shy of people until he gets to know you. He is priced so low because we have way too many horses and we have to keep him in our round pen. He does have a crooked back leg. The previous owner said that she had him from birth and that it was broken when he was a foal and it healed crooked. It does not seem to cause him pain or any trouble. Please call to come see him or if you have any questions."

If you've ever wondered what a horse looks like when it's painful just standing around, here's a great example! See how tucked-up he looks through the barrel? And how he stands with his hind end kind of tucked under him? To me, this is a textbook example of the chronic pain look. Actually, forget gelding, just put the poor boy to sleep already...