Monday, June 30, 2008

OMG! OMG! OMG! See, we CAN change the world!

Not just us at the Fugly blog but all of us who have fought to make sending horses to slaughter illegal AND flat out socially unacceptable.

I admit it. I NEVER thought I would see the freakin' day when a major track took a stand like this!


I seriously am just astounded and thrilled. This brought tears to my eyes, and you all know I'm pretty cynical. We can change things! Someone is listening! Lots of people are disgusted at these trainers who throw horses out like that trash and they want it to stop!

Those of you who enjoy the races, PLEASE vote with your dollars - please patronize Suffolk Downs, plan a vacation with a trip there, show them that the horse community appreciates their responsible and courageous stand - one that I hope will be a trend setter! Send them some fan mail!

Then write YOUR local track and tell them to follow suit. Particularly if you do enjoy and attend races, your opinion matters. Suffolk Downs started the ball rolling - now let's snowball it!

Pictured today is Good Thing, a fourteen year old daughter of stakes winner Morning Bob, with her new child. She was recently rescued from slaughter by SOS Equines.