Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sometimes you have to work backwards!

But this time I am a little stumped. So you guys try.

What's NOT wrong with this filly?

I feel like we could adapt the old "100 bottles of beer on the wall" song and sing a verse about a different conformation fault every single time!

One hundred fugly foals this year!

One hundred fuglies this year!

With nasty straight shoulders and long mule ears!

One hundred fugly foals this year!

Since I know someone is going to ask WTF it is, it is a foundation QH.

Edited to add a picture, for comparison's sake, of a sorrel 2008 AQHA filly that I like. For those of you trying to learn about conformation, you can pick them apart point by point, but also just look at the overall balance of the filly shown here. Doesn't she just look to you like a higher quality animal and one that is going to grow up to be a pleasure to ride? Which one can you visualize turning into a horse that is flat moving and comfortable to ride, low headed and relaxed?

(The nice filly is Dreamhorse 1227355 for those of you who may be interested.)