Saturday, June 28, 2008

A few vocab words for the newbies

Since I know this stuff always confuses the newbies...

You may have heard someone here refer to a horse having a "nest." This is a word I invented here on the blog! It means that the horse's neck is so poorly set on and/or the chest is so weak that the neck runs straight down between the front legs with almost no definition. (like "cankles" where someone's ankles are so fat they appear to be part of the calf)

Here's a LOVELY example from our friends at Rocky Hollow Ranch! Yup, it's a stallion. Of course it is. What is with that neck? He looks like a dude with a goiter.

Another term coined by this blog refers to stallions that clearly are only stallions because they are guaranteed to produce color - hideozygous. This is a classic example of hideozygous. Paint him brown and tell me who'd want to breed to him? He's got a straight shoulder, one of the shortest croups I think I have ever seen, no hip and I'll bet money those forelegs aren't straight when viewed from the front.

Thanks, Painted Blessings Ranch, for giving me a classic example of what I mean when I use this term!

Finally, in my search, I found this paragraph on a breeder's site that I just have to repeat here for your entertainment:

"We breed Poco to some of the Finest Ledgend Quarter Horse Blood there is out there. We have the best mares and we get the perfect foals that will excell in every disipline."

*headshake* The best part is, they tested him for HYPP even though he doesn't have Impressive in him (so it's impossible!) but they DIDN'T test "Poco" for HERDA (which he totally COULD be positive for).

Oh, and they named a foal "Bean Dip."

Now here is an appropriate farm name - Broken Bones Cattle Company, breeding Hancock bred horses. No shit, you don't say! Wonder how they got their name? I have a guess...for you newbies, we've discussed here before that the Hancocks have a rep for being broncy.

P.S. We didn't make up "aghasted." We stole it from the Chronicle of the Horse message board.