Thursday, June 26, 2008

How hard DO some of you need to get hit with the clue bus?

The idiots are everywhere. EVERYWHERE. And I know some of them are learning, but they're not learning fast enough! What part of "hay is going to be $25 a bale in this area next year" do you asshats not understand? No one is going to want any more $500 horses! I don't care what color they are! I don't care if they're fluorescent PURPLE!

From Albany, Oregon. Not registered, started under saddle at two AND in foal! And again:

I need to SELL a horse

I don't want to take her to the SALE

This horse is for SALE

It is not that fucking complicated!

"Need to Sale this really pretty girl, So I have reduced her price! Real Pretty little grade Palomino Appaloosa mare. 3 years old. She has been started under saddle, but has not been rode in over 8 months, she needs a tune up before she can be rode. She has been out in a pasture all winter long, so She really needs someone to start her all over again. Allen Hicks can get her going for you again at an additional cost. She has a real nice neck, pretty face and long mane. . She will make a nice Western Pleasure horse and nice little trail horse. Shawnee is a real sweet little mare. Will make someone a wonderful life long partner. She has been bred to our AQHA Buckskin Stallion for a 2009 foal. 500.00."

From Syracuse, Kansas. Not registered (because apparently they did not want proof of their fuck-up in the AQHA records!), lame and popping out babies like a bunny!

"Sue was an oops! Her dam was bred by the dam's sire so we did not register the foal which is Sue. She is a nice mare that has had one palomino filly and is bred to a palomino for 2006. Sue's dam is an excellent all-around horse, her dam has been used in the feedlot, in barrels, poles, western pleasure, halter, showmanship, horsemanship, reining, flags, goat tying and is also my main heading horse. Sues dam is an athlete that has a ton of speed. Sue injured a knee last spring but will make an exceptional broodmare."

I am really having a busy week at work (they changed our entire computer system and it's all glitchified) and so it's GREAT that I so QUICKLY found an un-toppable Asshat du Jour for today's post. WHO THE HELL posts a picture of their stallion breeding? Even if it wasn't a grade puke?

Why, our friends at the Circle H Ranch in Sault St. Marie, Ontario, Canada do!

"Grade Stallion to our knowledge (could be registered?) throws gorgeous foals. Got him as a 2 year old, he was very distrusting of people, but has come along way. Extremely mellow stallion, sometimes you actually have to persuade him to mount the mares lol"

Even HE knows he shouldn't be reproducing!

Cavel, International thanks you for your support!