Friday, June 13, 2008

Do you remember that company that made the gravy flavored cola?

Remember that? They had ALL KINDS of really weird flavors of cola. I don't think it caught on. I think of that sometimes when I see some of the crossbreds up for sale - proof positive that not everything goes together!

Like this. This is an Arab-POA cross. It is already 14.2 as a yearling, so it's not going to be a pony. It's listed for a whole $650 and the most they can say about it is that it will make a great trail horse. So will any number of equines I can pick up for free off of Craigslist. We bred this funky looking, not even lucky enough to be spotted, creature...why?

Check out the sire's pedigree. It's mix-and-match Ay-rab bloodlines gone wild. Why? Why? Why? So this sad yearling can boast he had some great-great-grandparents that actually did something?

And on another're not dyslexic, the CONTENT of your post shows you're just a DUMBASS!

"i have a 5 year old reg. modern Shetland pony that i got and he is not working out for me i bout him for my grand doter and she don't like him i would not put a kid on him he needs a lot of work. When i bout him i was told that he is cart broke and green Brock to ride. he is out with my other horse and cow right now sow he is like to be with other animals"

You bought a 5 year old green broke Shetland for your granddaughter and cannot figure out why this is not working out so well. *headdesk* It's not like you got LIED to. What did you think green broke meant? Did you think perhaps it was a synonym for "child safe?" Like green is a happy color so green broke must be good? It's hard to feel sorry for you but I think I feel sorry for your "grand doter."

And an Asshat du Jour, sent to me from our usual source, Craigslist. MAN UP and put her to sleep YOURSELF. It sounds like the vet has already told you this. Joe, stop trying to get someone else to take YOUR problem off YOUR hands. Right now you are just asking for some happy smiling kill buyer to come knocking on your door, so that you can feel good about yourself and pretend everything is well, and save that pesky euth and disposal fee.

Free 2 yr old mare for pasture pet only ( Grove City)

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Date: 2008-06-08, 4:31PM EDT

A very sweet 2 yr old that can only be a pasture pet horse. She has a deformed ankle bone and can not be ridden or used as a broodmare. Mom 17+h and she is still growing could be larger than her mom. I hope someone has a pasture that she can spend the rest of her life in. Vet says she might make 2 more yrs, but as soon as she breaks her leg she will have to be put down. Please call Joe at 614-202-8081.

I know it's 8:30 in the morning, but I think I need a margarita...

Here's another winner: Breeding more TB's in an already overflowing market is ok if it's to HELP THE CHILDREN. *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk* Princess, only a complete and total dumbass turns down $5,000 for a lame stallion. I don't care HOW MUCH you have into him. It is just amazing to me that people do not understand that breeding is a science. It isn't a quick way to make a buck!

I'm not sure what's worse here, the spelling or the halter fitting. If you are going to bother to put a show halter on your horse for sale, at least take the time to adjust it so it doesn't look ridiculous. And, you know, spell check would not hurt a bit! "Ur" for "your" is cute on I Can Has Cheezburger. If you are not a cat or a 14 year old text messaging her friends, it's not cute. It just makes you look like an idiot.

"Miley Smiley. Name fits her well. She is a bay roan filly, 2 year old, approx. 15 hands.and still growning Not registered. Guy told me he had papers, but never got them. She leads, halters, stands, ties..She Now Lunges Flex'es WONDERFUL.She will be broke in about 3 week's Baling hay right now and what to be free when I brake her. Previous owner never handled her feet . She is coming along great, we are getting where we can pick her feet up. Very nice build. Gets along well with other horses, even other foals. She is turned out now with a mare and foal. Miley is a very sweet horse that loves kids,women, or men. Couldnt ask for a better horse. Easy to work with.Guns dont seem to bother her.She Is always willing to learn and she loves to please her owner! Make her you next show horse!Trust me she will get you NOTICE! Asking $700, cash only. NOTE: Please Call Only If Really Interested!Reather you E-mail Frist 931-209-6196 Might Trade for to Breed my APHA SOILD Mare with a nice stud and $100 cash(Stallion Must Be Regs!) Or will Trade for a Kid Broke Horse She's going to take that one person to the WINNING CICLE....She Built Like IDK what very nice and the best thing is All her Hoof's are Black!:b She Is going to feel out even more "

Of COURSE they want to breed their mare. Don'cha love it? They are getting rid of this filly because they need something kid safe. And they are busy and having trouble finding time to "brake" her. So they are going to create ANOTHER foal that will ALSO not be kid safe and need years of training. Yeah! That makes sense!