Thursday, June 5, 2008

The warmbloods are safe...or are they?

All right, now I am hearing that the horses were returned? I don't know more than what I am reading, so I will expect that the person who picked them up posts promptly and explains what, if anything, is going on. Not sure if we have an untrustworthy blog reader here OR just one that caved to legal threats. Guess I should have picked them up myself, we all know how well threats work on me!


For those of you who missed this in the comments, read it and celebrate!

The two warmbloods are safe along with a bonus 26 year old Arabian. Gorgeous mares. But tell me, how exactly IS it that you have a barn like this one and yet a mare whose feet look like we see here on the left?

I think that happens because you, Jill DeLozier, are a GREEDY, SELFISH ASSHAT! What, like you couldn't afford to retire out these mares? COME ON! You threw them out like the trash and LUCKILY it was one of the "Fugly Mafia" that picked them up.

They are in great weight. I'll give you that. A meat dealer's dream.

Since I know you'll pull this ad and deny it, I screen capped it for posterity. You can click to enlarge it. I wonder if the clients at your "warm, family barn" know how you treat your old horses? Folks, DON'T PATRONIZE barns like this! Make your feelings known WITH YOUR WALLET!