Monday, June 16, 2008

So just WTF is going on in Los Angeles?

I got this hysterical e-mail and am curious to find out what is actually going on from a local. What IS going on?

(Rescuers, when you write like this, everybody assumes you are hysterical and wacko. I don't care if the sky is falling, try to write in a slightly less emotion-filled style. I can't get much that is coherent out of this but, thanks to your writing style, it screams "AC is finally doing something about a hoarder" much louder than it screams "AC is murdering 100 horses.")

So those of you in L.A...WTF is going on and what's the story here? Fill us all in!

Hysterical e-mail follows:

Mass murderer Marcia Mayeda and her band of bloodthirsty killers of LA county animal control obtained an illegal warrant from a corrupt court to raid Equus Horse Sanctuary in Juniper Hills (animal control has no right to apply for or execute search warrants). They are there RIGHT NOW slaughtering horses--they have already slaughtered 5 or 6 horses and thrown them in a dumpster and they will continue to murder 99 more horses!!! They will continue to kill the old horses until all are dead. The monsters have generators and lights, they will continue their kill fest all day and all night.Some of the co-conspirators in the mass murder: Chris, George, someone with the last name Scott, someone with the last name Rachel, and Sherry Koenig of LA county animal control all were spotten on the premises of Equus Sanctuary today sadistically enjoying the kill fest. There are six vets there, in vehicles that say "veterinarian", doing nothing but killing horses. The horse-murdering sadists have been slaughtering the poor equines at Equus since 8:00 this morning, and as horrendous as that is, on top of it, the sadists are being paid to perpetrate the atrocity with your tax dollars! DA investigators and swat team running around in their costumes trying to be big shots by murdering senior citizen horses horses, like the horses were going to shoot them or something! .These precious horses are all rescues and some are 30 years old. Since they were rescued by Equus, these horses have lived their lives in rustic contentment, and until today they have been safe in the loving care of their sanctuary and caretaker Janet. But now their safety has been shattered, Mayeda and the rest of her thugs have invaded the safety of the sanctuary, and because the old horses are thin--that's the way that old animals get--Mayeda hauled poor Janet off to jail, claiming, what else? Animal cruelty of course. The killers regard animals being old and thin as a crime punishable by death, and imprisonment of their caretakers. The bloodthirsty killers of LA county animal control are so blatantly out of control, so intent upon perpetrating and escalating their mass murder of precious animals, that for today's bloodfest, they even set up tents and have catered food--they are making a party out of mass murdering these 105 innocent horses!A woman named Gail Kaye is responsible for the death of every horse on that property, that Mayeda murders. Kaye was at the Equus Sanctuary last week, trespassing, she was seeking to get free horses, and representing herself as an employee of LA animal control. She wouldn't leave the property and had to be forcibly removed by the sheriff's office. In retaliation for not obtaining free horses, she conspired with Marcia Mayeda, Sherry Koenig and the rest of the killer crew to go out and destroy the whole sanctuary. Kaye is there right now with her horse trailer picking out the cream of the crop, and picking up free horses in her white ford F350 long bed pickup truck with a horse trailer, with tape on her license plate so that no one will know who she is, all of which is illegal and they should arrest her for it. Kaye, along with her buddy, Mayeda, is responsible for the slaughter.The U.S. has now shut down and officially banned all horse slaughterhouses. But horse slaughter is alive and well, and continually escalates, perpetrated by the sadists of LA county animal control, and other murderous pounds. When is the slaughter going to stop, when will people demand an end to the reign of terror by the Nazi animal controls, SPCA's, "Humane" Societies, and othersadists who continue and keep escalating their total victimization of innocent animals and their caretakers???Please contact the press, no one is out there to witness this horror being perpetrated by the psychotic killers who will never be content until every animal in the world is dead. Also, please call the LA county DA's office at (213) 974-3512, and demand that these monstrous sadists of LA county animal control, especially Marcia Mayeda, be stopped from continuing to perpetrate their crimes, and be brought to justice.Call Linda of Equus at (818) 935-7477 cell phone. You can also try the sanctuary office number but that may not be a working number anymore: (530) 260-0148.Please call all the TV stations and demand they cover this story. Channel 4 refused, saying, oh, well, the horses are old, so they are not bothering to even go out to cover the slaughter! The horses need help, Equus desperately needs an attorney. Also go and see what you can do to stop the killing, or at least to document it and bear witness, take your cameras and video recorders. The sanctuary is located off the 14 freeway, exit at Pearblossom, then ask one of the local businesses for directions to the sanctuary.

FHOTD back in: $20 says whoever wrote this e-mail doesn't know anything about horses (the fact that she thinks it's normal for old horses to be thin is a big tip off right there) and is incapable of financially or physically taking on even ONE of these horses. A.C. euthing old horses in poor condition is not, normally, either a bad idea or cause for hysteria. I don't know anything about this situation or who's in the wrong, but again, I know how batshit cray-zee this e-mail reads!