Wednesday, June 18, 2008

And this person wants to know why I think she is a bad horse owner!

When you post the following on the Internet...YES, I am going to call you out as being a BAD HORSE OWNER (and the lovely pics of your horses with loose hose on the ground, uncapped t-posts sticking up in the middle of the field and loose wire everywhere do not help!)

"Buttons (Mare #3) is a psycho! I am about to shoot the mare despite not foaling yet! I caught her last night after tricking her into a pen! I haltered her but that was about it, maybe 11pm I did this. Today I took her out of the pen to brush her and look her over and she freaked out! I hadn't even touched her with a brush yet and she reared up, punched a hoof through a window on my trailer, might i add she got it stuck and then punched the other front foot through the window! My trailer is in serious need of some body work now ad the panel that the window is on is now all dented and damaged from her struggling! After the foot got loose she did a serious pull back and broke her halter, adn was running loose! Keep in mind this mare does not like being caught lately and won't let you within 10 feet of her out in a pasture! I was able to corner her and catch her, then I worked her butt off on the lunge line. She is dripping sweat and is VERY tired. Even as tired and sweaty as she is she is still putting up a fight. i can't get close enough to even LOOK at her udder! Any suggestions on a mare like this????? She is spending the rest of the day tied to the trailer, keep in mind there is no shade at the trailer and we are pushing 100 degrees."

"...she should not get worked that hard so soon before foaling. I honestly didn't care! She is a mare that lately is doing stupid things out of stubbornness and she is defiant! She knows what I was going to do, and she freaked! I move slow with this mare and I talk to her, adn when she was started last year, she was literally an in your pocket horse! We used Clinton Anderson methods and she was perfect! Even stood quietly without being tied for feet. Now she won't even let you LOOK at a foot. if she thinks you are staring at it then she will rear and flip over backwards! I have cleaned her udder and vulva before about a month ago and this much has changed in a month! in my honest opinion with how she is changing and acting, she really doesn't EVER need to be bred again! She is acting irrational and there was no excuse for her to pull back and screw up a whole side of my trailer! After her stupid pull back I put a new halter on her and tied her back up and she did it again! She did not break this halter. So I worked her lightly at this point and she worked in my space too much then started striking at me. At this point ihad to go potty, i tied her back up. She pulled back and broke her halter when I came back. I worked her again and this time she was rearing and lunging at me, so I continued to work her until she was tired. I tied her back up and then hosed her off. Then she stood there, tired until dark. I let her think about it. Tonight she is resting comfortably, and is back to her nipping, "threatening to kick you" self. Keep in mind she only became this way about 2 months ago. before that she was a perfect angel that was easy to catcha nd wasn't even jumpy!"

Hey, Becky? You have no understanding of equine psychology, and should not be breeding as you think this (pictured left) is stallion quality. Good god, it's a little red yak with a goose rump, weak loin, shallow heartgirth and an upside-down neck. Even if your horses were great, your horse care is frightening. The above doesn't even get into the stuff you posted about how you let your old mare get the hell beat out of her by your stallion. I could quote from your posts all day, and that is not a compliment!

When you post these things online for all to read, people like myself are going to call you out for being a bad horse owner. Are you aware that HorseTopia is a public board and not just open to your buddies to view? If you really cared about changing what people think of you and learning more about horses, you'd sell all your horses but one riding horse and get into lessons with a good trainer and educate yourself. There are good trainers, even in Eastern Washington! But you won't. You will just stay on the sunshine-and-butterflies message boards and post pictures of your fugly foals for people who don't know the difference. And when you lose foals because you're ignorant, you'll get sympathy and {{{hugs}}} When you get hurt because you're ignorant, you'll get sympathy and {{{hugs}}}. When you ruin a horse and just HAVE to send it off to the auction to "protect your children," you'll get more sympathy and {{{hugs}}}.

Guess what, sunshine, this ain't the sympathy and {{{hugs}}} board...I have no sympathy for people like you. You are the problem. You should not be breeding. You should not be trying to "train." And while I am not the world's biggest Clinton Anderson fan, I believe I can speak for him when I say that he must be appalled beyond belief at the mere idea that what you have described are his methods.