Sunday, June 15, 2008

A comment on geographically stupid rescuing

As I have discussed before, I did this myself once - I adopted a CBER horse at 3 AM and had it shipped from Washington to California. Paypal is a dangerous thing to have when you are reading about how THE TRUCK IS COMING.

But hey, learn from my mistakes. I have been reading all of these threads lately about how people in FLORIDA want to rescue horses from WASHINGTON.

ARE YOU CRAZY? Florida is FULL of starving horses in need and you are gonna pay TWO GRAND to import one from Washington?

That is stupid and wasteful! It was stupid and wasteful when I did it, but hell, that was a $700 trip, not cross-country which I know is minimum $2000. It has to be, with the price of gas.

Don't tell me there are no horse rescues near you. Maybe they are actually busy taking care of their horses and not screaming for money and adopters on the ABR board all fucking day.

Trust me, I can find you a rescue horse near you! Just ask me!