Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I've never seen a horse more in need of being rescued

(This has been in the comments before, but I just rewatched it and it really does need the spotlight of the main page.)

I know lots of horses are starving. But this one is going to get his neck broken or these redneck idiots are going to get pissed and shoot him or something. Probably stuff his head and hang it on the wall with a beer can between his ears after that!


Their "friend" updated since posting with the following explanation:

"Well, we found out why this horse is going over backwards when we took him too the vet to get shots. The trainer there felt him and said he's still too young to have a lot of weight on him, he's tinder in some spots around his back legs. So, no more riding until he's a little older. I guess 2 1/2 isn't old enough. Let me say for the record: I don't know anything about horses, nor do I have any desire to learn more....they are dangerous as far as I'm concerned. I can't say anything about what happened here, because I don't know what was done wrong. I can say slapping him on the ass to get him to go over the fence looked pretty damned stupid though. This isn't the first time this horse has done this. He's not a bad horse and he isn't abused. None of the horses are abused. This horse has already had 3 different owners. That's something to be said. I guess no one has the patience for him. I think he will be ok. He isn't going to be ridden for a long time yet... "

1. Tinder? Is that like TIMBER! He's going over again!?

2. The vet has a trainer there? Well for god's sake hire them and stop it with the abusive DIY training. I bitch about silly Parelli stuff but even that would be better than what you are doing to this poor little colt.

3. "he isn't abused" - um, you admitted you know nothing about horses. This statement is proof. He IS abused. He's being BADLY abused. HEINOUSLY abused. The horse is going to BREAK HIS NECK OR HIS BACK if this continues. Your friends are NOT capable of training him and they need to give him up.

Good God, thanks to this video, about 12,000 youtube viewers are willing to give him a better home. I know we all have different opinions about training and various ideas of what is or is not excessive, but I'm going to guess there is absolutely not one person reading this who agrees that this isn't abuse.