Friday, October 26, 2007

We FINALLY have a solution to the problem!

From an alert reader. I think she's absolutely right!

"Fugly, this is great:

It's an online game for virtual horse breeding! That way, you CAN BREED ALL THE HORSES YOU WANT and you won't have any fuglies that end up as rescues or in the slaughterhouse! Not only that, but you can " Take responsibilities and manage an equestrian center!" DUDE!!! So people could like, actually learn how to buy good hay and what to feed so their horses don't DIE OF STARVATION!

And best of all, it's FREE!!! It's practically the perfect answer to our fugly horse problem!"

There you go, everybody! Try it in the VIRTUAL world first and see if you can keep up with it. I'm guessing most will see what a pain in the butt it is just having to regularly click on activities like grooming and training, much less getting off your couch to do it in REAL life.

This is kinda like that baby doll that screams bloody murder that they make teenagers carry around for a few days to remind them to use condoms. Brilliant!