Monday, October 29, 2007

Hey, you people who told me I was spreading misinformation about the PMU problem?

I seem to recall a few months ago commenting on the PMU industry and how the mares are kept pregnant and then they ship the foals off to slaughter at 6 months, and being told that I was ignorant and misinformed, that doesn't happen anymore, the PMU farms are out of business, blah blah b.s. b.s...

OK, whoever told me that. How do you explain this? 59 draft and draft cross PMU colts flipped over in a double-decker in Wadsworth. What, did they fall from the sky? They were going to nice riding homes in a double decker?

So apparently about 45 are still alive and breathing and got transported to a horse dealer's in Wadsworth (I'm guessing Fred Carney, though I haven't seen it confirmed). The insurance company now owns them and is deciding what to do. I haven't heard who the insurance company is yet.

Here are the pictures. Warning, dead/dying horse pics. Don't look if you can't deal.

Yeah, that PMU industry? It's cleaned right up. There's no problem anymore. They're not still up there killing baby horses left and right and keeping mares pregnant forever just so some menopausal woman can have fewer hot flashes. No, that doesn't happen at all anymore...

Sorry. You can somewhat arguably (although I don't agree) justify animal research and animal assisted drug production when a human life is at stake, but it's different when all you're doing is relieving totally non-fatal symptoms (for which there ARE other remedies and medications!). As far as I'm concerned, the entire PMU thing is completely impossible to justify. It's about greedy drug companies making money off the pain and suffering of mares kept confined and pregnant, and foals born to be disposed of as a unneeded by-product of production...the same greedy drug companies that throw their political donation dollars at people like Bob Goodlatte. Follow the money!