Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Today's 5 Things I Hate About Horsepeople

Still busy, but wanted to share just a sampling of what is in my e-mail case you thought the equestrian community had become any smarter overnight...

1. They ride yearlings.

This is a yearling mini colt. This is not cute. This is abusive. Minis need to grow up before carrying weight, too.

2. They post pictures that make me want to jump through my computer screen and save the horse before something awful happens.

Do you really need more than 10 I.Q. points to see that this is not a good idea? Particularly with a 3 month old colt that is described as, and I quote, "pretty much halter broke, I think."

3. They keep things like this a stud because his great grandfather was a cutting champion and, hey, he is yellow.

And then they expect me not to make fun of them on this blog. OMG. Those post legs! That fugly short neck and mutton withers! Downhill! Virtually NO muscles. The only thing good about him is his head and you can't ride the head.

4. They can afford a sleazy hood and a big poofy waterproof blanket for the mini, but they can't get off the couch and replace the barbed wire with hot tape.

P.S. Turning out in a nylon halter? Also stupid.

5. They
do not feed their horses and then provide lame excuses. They should be starved to death themselves. I will volunteer to supervise. Evil miserable scumsucking bastard. Bet he managed to afford food for HIMSELF.