Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Not even vaguely horse related...

But I HAD to post this because it seems like a lot of my readers are from my, erm, vintage and will remember all of this stuff when we...somehow...inexplicably...didn't realize how fugly it was.

J.C. Penney 1977

I was 10 in 1977 and recall wearing such atrocities as an aqua plaid pantsuit of the type that now would only be seen on ladies over 70 years of age with at least some degree of dementia. What was my mother thinking? The mind boggles.

(I wonder if this is the same phenomenon that causes people to breed furry little yaks and think they are beautiful? If enough people tell you an aqua plaid pantsuit is cool, do you eventually believe it, despite all evidence to the contrary? Hmmm...)