Monday, October 22, 2007

Southern California Fires

First of all, for those of you who just can't go a day without seeing something snarkworthy, here is some dimwit who needs to sell one hundred and thirty horses NOW because she is pregnant. Of course, they are "foundation bred," most are colored and nearly all are as long as Britney's hair extensions! Bet nothing is broke, either. My head hurts.

Now on to today's topic:

Most of us know about the wildfires in Southern California right now. Evacuation facilities for horses are overflowing already. If you can house some horses (or other pets!) temporarily, or if you have a truck and trailer to move horses for someone who may not have transportation, here are some places you can post so that those in need can find you.

Here is a blog about the fires in the San Diego area with more information.

For those in danger from the fire, from the blog:

Horse stables for 1,700 available in Indio

Posted @ 7:17 PM
Evacuees are invited to stable their horses at a horse farm in the Thermal-Indio area.A private citizen, recommended by a California Department of Food & Agriculture veterinarian, has volunteered enough property, staff, food, and water resources to care for up to 1,700 horses. For more information, County residents can call (760) 399-2716.

From Peggy on COTH:

According to the OC Fire authority website (, Industry Hills is taking horses.They list the following under "Animal Evacuation"

OC Fair Ground is closed to animals at this time.

Industry Hills Expo Center will take 125 large animals (626) 330-0324. They are located off of the 60 Freeway between the 57 and 605 freeways

Orange County Animal Shelter off of The City Drive will take 150 dogs and 75 cats.


The Chronicle of the Horse message board has a number of threads going with some updates from people actively involved in the rescuing. That is another good place to post if you can offer any kind of assistance.


Please feel free to post additional information about where to find help/those in need of help to the comments. I am happy to be able to say that I just learned all of the horses I used to care for in Topanga have been moved and are safe tonight, but many others - particularly those owned by people who have only 1 or 2 horses - may not have any transportation or a way to get to safety.