Saturday, October 27, 2007

The weekend potpourri of fugly horses and stupid owners!

My mailbox is so full that I am just going to spotlight a whole bunch of the worst of it for you! By the way, if you are going to send me a Craigslist post, try to save the page and send that or screen cap it. Craigslist expires pretty fast and often the post is gone by the time I get to it.

Let's start today with another parental Darwin award. Observe the lead rope made into a noose around the horse's neck. That will be a great means of restraint if something startles him - hey, it may even tighten enough to choke him and throw him to the ground! He won't be going anywhere. Now add the child with no helmet and the badly, badly fitting hunt saddle sitting RIGHT on the horse's withers. The horse doesn't look happy and I can't say I blame him. When you have an old coot horse with high withers, you must invest in a saddle that fits and a proper riser pad. Otherwise you just wind up on horse boards posting "my hors bucks and I dont no why?!" and annoying the shit out of the rest of us.

Here's the ad text: "shy is a sweet and easy keeper.she stands for farrier and loads,clips,and loves to have a bath.she is a good mother to her babies. she is trail broke and will go any where you want her to. any level of rider can ride her. "

Well of course they can, she is too weak to protest! Easy keeper? Yeah I guess it is EASY for you to not FEED her. OMG. And she has babies? With that horrific shoulder and hip? And of course NO mention of registration. Arrrrggggh. Someone please buy this poor mare, feed her and make her your trail horse. She will never have good conformation but I bet she would be very grateful to you.

I actually kind of like these little tanks in the picture, until I get to the ad copy and want to strangle the breeder with my bare hands.

Just some excerpts: "due to the fact that this mare is OLWS H/N & the stud she was bred to (see bloodlines below) is also H/N it is a 25% chance the foal could be OLWS, we are not offering a live foal guarantee...The mare has ringbone and thus limps, however she was a working cowhorse as a young horse and recently one of my girls rode her bareback in the arena for about a half hour..possibly could do light riding or trails, very quiet but does limp "

STOP breeding for babies that may DIE!

STOP breeding your LAME mare that is crippled up at age TWELVE!

I think I should do a "guess the breed" on this one. This is a breeding stallion who is allegedly a futurity winner. Can anybody even begin to guess what breed he is supposed to be? I swear, you won't get it...I just stared in shock.

I will tell you that, and I quote the ad, "He is a magonhany bay stallion." I do not know what a magonhany bay would be. I just know that this thing needs its balls off ASAP, a good deworming, its teeth done, and someone to get off the couch and clean up the paddock it has to live in.

OK, after I found this in my comments, I HAD to add it to today's post. This is NOT a LITTLE UNDERWEIGHT. This is HOLY SHIT, CALL ANIMAL CONTROL UNDERWEIGHT. Ad text: "Thunder Is a large older pony that was an awesome show pony in his younger days. He is around 27+ yrs old. He is a little underweight now and a hard keeper But if your willing to do that, He will make some little kid very happy! He was Grand champion English and preformance pony 2006 and Reserve Champion Western Pony. He is VERY sadly for sale But I cant have 3 Horses! And he is the one thats not getting used! Price Is Neg to the right Home... He is ONLY FOR SALE TO APPORVED HOMES!"

APPROVED HOMES? What, like YOURS? I don't give a SHIT if he's 27+. Here's my friend's THIRTY FIVE YEAR OLD for comparison.

Call the damn VET, do a blood panel and see if he has any TEETH and find out what to feed him if he doesn't! I cannot believe you think this is a "little underweight." The other picture shows him fat and shiny in the show ring, was that a year ago? Do you honestly think he dropped like this in a YEAR because he is ONE MORE YEAR older at his age?