Monday, October 8, 2007

OK, I know one of you has this information

How do I get in touch with a horse dealer named Oly Olson out of Washington state?

We were at the auction yesterday (yeah, we know better than to go to sales but that doesn't stop us) ostensible to buy tack (yeah, sure) and this guy got a 16.2 chestnut TB mare named Futlooseandfancyfree who is waywayway too nice to can. I mean, this mare passes the FHOTD "mare that is actually breeding quality" test. Multiple race winner, tall, big boned, great feet, super deep through chest, quiet, kind and allegedly trail rides and everything. A little short crouped/tail set on high but overall a super nice mare. He got her for $200 and of course wanted $350 for her 10 minutes later. We had a whopping $190 on us (due to our avowed intention to buy only tack).

However, since yesterday, I found someone who knows this mare's former owner and thinks they will help save her. Now I just need to get them in touch with this guy. I know half the horse world reads this blog, even if only 1% of it admits to it ;-) so surely one of you has a contact # for this guy?

I have the schedule from Hell this week and am busy with my training horse after work (who canters now, and is trotting ground poles, hooray!) so I apologize for the lack of a real entry. I'll try to get one up tomorrow night, but in the meantime...find that dealer, we have GOT to save this nice mare!