Saturday, October 13, 2007

The mare from the auction...

We believe we have located the mare I posted about from the sale, and are driving out to see her/pay for her in the morning. I need a ride for her from the auction yard and a place for her to quarantine board in the Moses Lake, Washington vicinity. If you haven't done it before, this means you have a place to put the mare totally separate from any other horse, no shared fencelines, no shared water troughs, etc. as she may have been exposed to diseases at the auctions.

This is a well behaved mare (person who knows former owner described her as an extremely sweet mare who never had a crabby day) who just needs a place to go until I can get in touch with said former owner, who unfortunately I do not have a phone # for. Former owner wants this mare back, so she has a home, we're just having communication difficulties most likely caused by the fact that it's Saturday night and most normal people are out partying and are not on the Internet to receive my WE FOUND HER!!!! private messages :-)

If you are in the area and can help, please e-mail me but be sure to put QUARANTINE OFFER in big letters in the subject line as I am a million e-mails behind (it feels like).

Thanks, a better update with pictures will come if we have her safely in our possession tomorrow!