Saturday, October 20, 2007

While I'm writing open letters to celebrities...

Dear Mr. Terry Bradshaw,

Why exactly are you breeding this HYPP N/H creature with totally upright pasterns, post legs and a nasty set of forelegs? Look at them. He is back at the knee and rotated out at both knees. Ew. Yes, I know his foals are winning, but that to me is proof positive the system is fucked. You guys are deliberately breeding horses with a known, often fatal disease. Do you think that is something your fans would respect?
I do understand that making the famous quote "I may be dumb but I'm not stupid" was a shout-out to greedy unscrupulous horse industry types on the same level as calling pigs to feed, and I understand that you've probably been told that HYPP isn't a big deal or even is necessary. I understand that, as far as you know, winning means they are good. I would encourage you to read Bringing Light to HYPP and talk to some veterinarians (not the one that works for the people who sold you the big money, defective horses, by the way) and educate yourself. Prove to us, Mr. Bradshaw, that you are not, indeed, stupid.