Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Updates on previous blogs...

Axel Hinz-Schleuter and Dale Huber got sentenced. Not nearly harshly enough...I am shocked to hear they only got charged on one count. WTF. You folks in Canada having some counting difficulties?

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"The judge issued an order banning Hinz-Schleuter from owning horses for 50 years and Huber for 10. But the order does allow the men to own a maximum of 40 animals, excluding horses and poultry, and up to 80 fowl, according to David Dear, spokesperson for Alberta Justice."

Thirty dead horses and they can still have FORTY other animals and EIGHTY fowl? And the max they can get is a $20K fine? Sorry, Canada, but this time you are way behind the U.S. You better start calling your lawmakers and screaming - this needs to change.

Christine Wels went on trial yesterday. I think caning is in order.

These horses were seized by the Stevens County Sheriff's Department. They are available for adoption. I am sorry to say that one did not survive. You can contact the Sheriff's department for more information about adoption by contacting Detective Taylor at 1-800-572-0947. I still don't have a lot of details but I think they are TB's. This is near Spokane, Washington. Kudos to the Sheriff's Department for stepping in and taking action!

Now, remember those two asshats who nearly starved the horses to death on the pack trip? I hear the prosecutor is having some problems growing a spine and needs to hear from the public that giving these guys a wrist-slap will not be tolerated.

John Bell, Prosecutor
Ravalli County Attorney's Office
205 Bedford Street , Ste C
Hamilton , MT 59840

More info on how to help. They do need donations. They are in the wilds of Montana and are not being funded. Here is an update from them about how the horses are doing. Really nice AFTER picture here of that gelding that none of us could believe survived! Bitterroot Humane, you guys ROCK!

I MUST re-publish this comment from ASSHAT criminal defense attorney Matthew Stevenson: "When questioned why the Heydons had refused to pay for care of the horses, after the judge had asked if they wished to do so, Stevenson replied, “They wanted to take the horses with them and find the appropriate people to care for them. One or two of the horses were fine. Anyone will get a little on the thin side after spending two months in the Wilderness. I’m sure Lewis and Clark’s animals didn’t look very good."

THAT WAS OVER TWO HUNDRED YEARS AGO, YOU MORON! Slavery was legal TOO! What kind of a ridiculous, moronic argument is that? What a loser... OK everybody, please write and put some pressure on this prosecutor to wake up, look at the calendar, and give these jerks some JAIL TIME!

Remember the toughest little mare in the world? Well, Tony Meyers pled not guilty at his arraignment on September 5th and the case is proceeding. I would like some more information though - these things get quietly plea-bargained out ALL too often. Is there anybody local in Louisiana who can keep an eye on this case for us? We'd all like to know if there's a critical time to write letters.

Yes, the guy who shot the Arabian and left him wandering in the woods did get caught. The camp denies any involvement. It'll be interesting to see how this shakes out. Bet you all a frappucino that the guy's defense is that the camp told him to do it!

Coming soon...yet more on CBER. It never ends...even after posting this and this and this and this, we have still more stories!