Friday, November 14, 2008

Finding a little human decency...

Here's a great story for this Friday!

"There was something about the doleful animal standing at death's door that attracted Rebecca's attention, something that caught her horse lover's eye.

She returned home and told husband Shannon: "I can't get this mare out of my head. She's so lovely, so quiet, so nice to ride. We have to save her. I've got a feeling there's something good about her pedigree."

The mare's name was Decency and not only was she a very well-bred mare, but after her rescue, her half brother won the Melbourne Cup. Needless to say her rescuers are thrilled and have retained her for a broodmare. The inset picture is her 2008 filly.

You know, I've had this happen. You see some skinny rescue horse waiting for the killer's truck and it just hits you...despite the condition...and you go, hmmm, that one got lost...that's an expensive/well bred horse - and it turns out you are right.

So let's talk about that. Has this happened to you? What's the most amazing find you've discovered at a dealer's, at an auction, in bad circumstances? Did you have one that just looked at you and said "I'm a celebrity - get me out of here!" Tell your tales!

Today's Friday Featured Rescue is this 4 year old OTTB mare. She came off the track a few months ago with a suspensory injury and is still a little off on it, but has only been rested. She needs a home immediately and there is no problem with having your vet examine her prior to taking her on. This mare is well bred and I believe she is 17 hands or close to it. Seattle Slew/Secretariat/Green Dancer/Mr. Prospector lines. She is in the Seattle area - e-mail me if you'd like to meet her!