Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The only range you're anywhere near is an Amana!

Click to see it larger. 3-in-one mare packages - foals at side, bred back, no papers, for $100. And these are "range horses" so don't expect any training!

Amy, you and your redneck dumbshit husband/whatever need to be tied to chairs in a slaughterhouse and made to watch all day. That's all I can say. I just don't know how to educate people like you, or make you stop. Why are they not registered, if they are full QH? You clearly own all the parents here. Are you too dumb to fill out the paperwork, or just too poor - which is it? There ARE NO HOMES for horses like these! NO ONE WANTS THEM! If they are damn lucky, some horrified person with a good heart will take a few off your hands but I won't bet on it.

The horse market DID NOT JUST GET THIS WAY. I am so tired of people saying this happened because we outlawed slaughter. Here's the only difference:

SLAUGHTER LEGAL: Horse auctions for $200 for meat.
SLAUGHTER ILLEGAL: Horse auctions for $100 for meat because kill buyer has to factor in transport cost.

THAT IS THE ONLY DIFFERENCE. PERIOD. I go to the auctions regularly and I know. Prices have been very low for horses like these for at least 5 years. This did not just suddenly happen like a hurricane. There is no way that if you did a minimal amount of research, you would not know that you were producing a virtually valueless product.

Poor little wormy looking little fillies...

How cool is this? I blogged about Billy, the ex-ranch horse who is now an AQHA show superstar, and one of my readers decided it was a sign that her plan to rescue another old ranch horse named Billy was meant to be! And so...she did and he is learning to live in luxury for probably the first time in his whole life! I love this story. I tried to do the same - the last time I went trail riding, 10 years ago in Alaska, I tried to buy the horse they put me on. They wouldn't sell. I just hate seeing horses live like that...skinny, minimal care, different moron tourists every day. It's a horse, not a freakin' golf cart...it shouldn't have to live like that. Just a pet peeve of mine.

Gross update of the week: Doug Spink was caught trying to adopt a dog from a rescue in Washington state recently. YUCK! The woman did her research, thank God, and discovered his history. Can't the Real Doll folks just make Doug a PRETEND horse and dog for his amusement? Really, Doug, you can do that and it's legal...maybe you should try. WE ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE AT THIS POINT!

For you PNW folks, there is going to be a fundraiser for Hope for Horses and Cowgirl Spirit on December 6th. Click here for the details.

For those of you taking off early for the long weekend here in the U.S....have a great one!