Thursday, November 13, 2008

Love means...calling the goddamn farrier, you cheapskates!

Click to see the full size version. This is from the latest "Glamour" magazine.

While I like fashion as much as the next girl, despite a horse-rescuing-addiction that has limited my ability to actually possess any of it, I typically sneer at mags like this in general because they're full of smiling girls wearing dead animals that died in agony with their leg in a trap. Not hot, as Paris Hilton would say. But hey, if the pain of fifty poor little innocent foxes makes you feel better about yourself, well, I'll let karma deal with you.

But here we have a live animal being used as a prop, even though it is clear those feet haven't seen the farrier in six months or more. You know, do you REALLY need to be a horseperson to look at those feet and determine what you are seeing is wrong?

Let's do an experiment. Those of you with non horsey significant others, show the (enlarged) version of the pic to them and ask them if they see something wrong with that horse. I'm going to predict that 75% or more pick up on the feet. Post your results.

It's one thing for Glamour to promote crimes against fashion (those pants...dude...seriously...) and another for them to carelessly publish a picture of a neglected animal. Those hooves would result in an order from animal control to correct the situation in my neck of the woods. They're not, like, a little long. I'm not sure if this picture was taken recently or if it's been republished from the 1970s but, either way, someone at Glamour should have caught this before it hit the stands.

If you'd like to educate them about proper hoof care and how inappropriate this picture is, here is their e-mail.