Wednesday, November 12, 2008

OK, is this an internet hoax or what?

Everybody's sending me this site full of horse abuse.

My instincts say: Internet Hoax. They say "Bonsai Kitten for Horses."

If it is for real, the person behind it is the world's biggest moron as he doesn't have a private registration. The domain is registered to:

Ray Ellis
po box 111
Stonewall, Manitoba
roc2z0 CA

The youtube where all the videos are hosted claims to be "Craig" in the U.S. However, interestingly, all of the less recent videos are in Spanish and most of the recent videos appear to be set in Mexico or some other Hispanic country.

I know I'm going to get about 600 more e-mails about this so if someone has the scoop on it, please share. I'm pretty sure it's some teenager with an IQ of about 82 trying to get the goat of all of the horsepeople on the web, but for all I know, some Manitoban is going to show up with a bunch of local news links showing Ray Ellis is an infamous horse abuser.