Friday, November 7, 2008

Good Friday!

Indeed it is. Dean Solomon pled guilty, saving the state of Washington the expense of a trial. That's good news. The sentencing is set for December 5th and it's my understanding that a lot of those who had to clean up the mess plan to speak.

Now, don't expect an Elledge-style sentence. Dean only got charged with 2nd degree. Big difference. However, I think I can safely say Ms. Solomon is out of the horse rescue business, and really, that is all I wanted to see happen here.

I do not yet know what will be ordered as to her remaining horses. Many of us who have been around for a couple years and involved with the whole CBER/Dean fiasco have VERY strong feelings about what happens to a certain mare - Soot, aka Ivy (Dean's name for her).

Soot has had the worst couple of years a horse can have. She nearly went to slaughter in spring 2006. CBER sent her out to this chick in Sheridan, Oregon named Mandy Strothers. They sent Mandy about 10 horses. Must have had them on sale. No, oops, actually, gullible donors paid for every one. Anyway, a couple months later, Mandy returns one of them, Corporal. Corporal, an older dun gelding, looks like death warmed over. Heidi, one of the few reputable people involved with CBER (she's not any more), took Corporal and got him back to looking spectacular but obviously now the rescue was on notice Mandy wasn't caring for horses properly.

The news started to trickle through the grapevine, and we found out that good ol' lazy $am, CBER President, had been doing nothing more than playing phone tag with Mandy and "asking" her to return the remaining horses. Apparently getting off the couch, hooking up the trailer and driving down to Oregon to get the horses was just too taxing for poor ol' $am. Well, finally Mandy returned two more horses - one of which was Soot.

The picture on the left is Soot at the dealer's, before adoption. The picture on the right is Soot after Mandy returned her. She had a broken leg and obviously hadn't seen any food in a long, long while.

Needless to say, a whole bunch of us freaked. So, you can guess what I did next - you guys know me, I started to do a little research on Mandy. I did something very simple, googled her e-mail address and voila, there she was - on the bestiality boards. I had a cow, hell I had a whole herd of cows and wrote the CBER board an e-mail demanding action. They ended up sending a volunteer to go pick up the rest of the horses from crazy Mandy. They gave Soot to Dean to rehab. Out of the frying pan into the fire.

I've never met Soot but this story has bothered me for years. Rumor has it she's a former TB broodmare. She may have a tattoo. I want to find out who she is and how she wound up at the dealer's headed for slaughter two years ago. And most of all I want to see her safe. I'll keep you guys updated. Right now all we know is that Dean claims to still have her, and will not release her location.

Today's Friday Featured Rescue is a happy ending - at least so far! Feather is a teenaged Mustang mare who was leased out to someone who clearly flunked Horse Feeding 101. When she was returned in the condition shown, she was given to friends of mine who offered to try to save her life. They did the job, and now she needs a new home.

Feather is somewhere between 15 and 20. She is sound for light riding, and gentle, but is quite alpha with other horses so should probably have private turnout. She'd be ideal for someone who wants to have just one horse - she will go anywhere alone and does not need a companion. She has foundered in the past so a dry lot area is a must for her. She is large pony sized and would work well for a petite person wanting a sensible-minded light use trail horse or a beginner horse for a child. I know this mare personally and she is very sweet and easy to handle. No fee to the right home (site check/refs required). E-mail Josie if you might be interested in Feather. She is located near Seattle, Washington.

Thanks to all those who have submitted to the Breeder's List - it's almost 800 strong right now! The main HorseReunions site is getting close to completion and of course you guys will be the first to know when you can head over and start adding horses.
Have a great weekend everybody!