Sunday, November 30, 2008

Like watching an episode of Cops...

You know, where there's some 17 year old girl living in a trailer with 3 kids and a meth-head boyfriend...

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5 years old.

3 foals on the ground.

A clubfoot (yes, this IS a hereditary defect!) Not always - it can be caused by injury - but it often is.

And now she's free on the Internet!


I know this is just a crazy idea, but what is wrong with training them before you start using them as baby factories? I mean, who looks at a 2 year old filly and says "let's breed it?" And in the past three years, was there no one that these people knew with enough common sense to suggest that breeding her back yet again might not be the best idea? Gee, surprised she's not in foal for 2009, too!

Excellent article written 11 years ago by a vet about why NOT to breed two year olds.

From the Complete Foaling Manual - more common sense!

Submitted by J.D. in the USA on March 3, 2000:

My question - How old should a horse be before breeding her? I've gotten mixed answers, some say two, others three. Oh by the way these are miniature horses.

Hi J.D.,

I would NEVER breed a two year old. They are just babies themselves. Some mares are okay to breed at three, depending on their physical and mental maturity. With some mares, it's better to wait until they are four. The minis would be just like the bigger mares--evaluate them on their physical and mental readiness.

Hope this helps!

FHOTD in: Hope they LISTENED!