Friday, November 21, 2008

Yellow and white and built like a fright!

TGIF! Well, somebody sent me yet another breeder who has missed the Clue Bus. This Canadian breeder brags that they "have grade horses and also regaseterd paints." Oooookay. And all breeding together, from the looks of their web site!

"Buster is a over paint stud he was born in january 08 look for him in THE FOR SALE PAGE!!"

From the sale page:

"This little guy was born in january 08 his father was a black and white Reg paint stud and his mother is a grade paint/quater horse, he should be around 15hhs halter broke very pretty $300 or best offer"

Yay! $300! When you are getting $300 for a colored foal, do you THINK maybe it should occur to you that there's no market for fugly spotted grade horses? And that's what they're asking. You know they will take less.

These people have twenty three broodmares and four stallions, including this thick necked critter with a snarly look on his face.

But hey, he's palomino and white so we have to breed, breed, breed him!

*sigh* Who are these people? We know they have internet access - they have a web site. Don't they spend any time talking to other horsepeople and learning anything from it? I'm just continually baffled at people who keep producing something that isn't going to sell, at least not for enough to pay for the cost of feeding and caring for the mare for a year.

I've said this before, but please put urgent information in the comments. I am just now reading my e-mail from June. I am that far behind and it's unlikely to change. Also, no point sending Craigslist or DreamHorse links - they'll be gone by the time I get to them. Screen cap, please.

Today's Friday Featured rescue is another Thoroughbred mare up here in the PNW (really, I'll do something different next week!) This is Bold Engagement and she won $104,484 on the track and an additional $6,330 on the turf. She sold for $20,000 just two years ago at Keeneland. She is only 12 years old and 16 hands so plenty of good years left in this one - and interestingly, she was not raced until age four and does appear sound. Needs a few pounds, as you can see. The rescuer would just like the cost of bailing her out of her bad situation reimbursed - $200. No restriction on breeding but we do not know if she is breeding sound or not and I do not have her production record (maybe someone can post it if you can access it?) If you are interested, please e-mail Stephanie. This mare is just east of Seattle, WA.
Have a great weekend, everybody!