Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

It only seems appropriate to show a happy ending story today...

This story was sent to me last year, so hopefully his owner will pop up with an update. The picture was taken at age 31. Don't you just want to kiss his little white diamond on his nose? I bet that's been kissed a lot!

"I am lucky enough to own a 'lifer'.

Harry was 31 last May - and I was 40 when I bought him. He is a Polish arabian and I bought him 20 years ago from a friend for the sum of $2000. which at the time was a lot of money for a horse. He had, however shown sucessfully at halter and buggy at many top shows in this country (Such as the Royal in Toronto) before his owner got out of showing and moved out west. Harry was six when I met him and had the chance to ride him but he was definatly 'not for sale'. The time finally came when my friend needed to 'downsize' - she also owned Harry's sister and full brother. Harry became mine with a rider on the bill-of-sale stated she had 'first refusal' if I ever wanted to sell him. Fat chance!

Harry has done three weddings (carriage horse) and also pulled a cutter in winter. I have ridden him thousands of miles I'm sure, some of them 10-day pack trips. I have ridden him western and English, taken him to lessons, jumped him, put beginners and kids up on him. He is the most fantastic, brave, sure-footed trail horse - actually tests any questionable footing before committing to it. I ponied my young horse from his back for a year, have used him to babysit many other nervous horses........etc. etc. He is still sound and active - hacks several times a week and loves a gallop and jumping logs and small creeks. His other job is keeping my thoroughbred hunter calm and relaxed. What else can I say? He's one in a million and when the time comes there is a place under the trees for him along with my old mare (she was 26) and my lovely young gelding whose heart failed when he was only 6. I love my hoses and have only once ever sold one. And I know how blessed I am to be able to say that. And BTW, his registered name is Zanhar. "

Thank YOU to all of you who are making your horses thankful they own you today!

And for those of you with equestrian related businesses, if you are interested in having the top banner on for the first month of its launch, you can bid on it - I have it up on Ebay. 10% of the proceeds will also go to Save A Forgotten Equine, which I've mentioned here many times before - a reputable and responsible Seattle area all-breed rescue. So happy bidding and I can't wait to see who the winner is!

To my U.S. readers - Happy Thanksgiving! To my non-U.S. readers - hey, it's almost Friday!