Friday, November 28, 2008

The natural look - it doesn't work for everybody!

I am totally in favor of horses getting daily turnout, if not living out. I am also totally in favor of slopping around at home in my sweats being comfy! However, when it is time to go on a job interview, for example, I also know that I can't show up like that. No, it will be necessary to do my hair, my makeup, put on something attractive and clean and present myself in a lot better shape than I look right now.

It is the same with your horses. If you are trying to sell a horse, or sell breedings to a horse, he should NEVER be seen looking like this. Sure, he's happy as a pig in mud - and that is just what he looks like.

The description isn't helping him. "BEDROOM EYES & READY TO BREED!!" Gack. Good God, where do you people come up with this crap? He's a fugly hairy two year old, not Fabio.

Here's another. $2500 and the manure all over her is included for free! Maybe you can use it to fertilize your garden?

Seriously, I've seen free horses on Craigslist cleaned up more than this. Also, she's an unregistered Quarab and they bred her. Yay! The stupid thing here is that this mare allegedly rides great, has done pony club, etc. SO WHY NOT MARKET HER AS A RIDING HORSE? Why don't you have riding pictures? Why? Why? WHY?

As I've said before, if you were trying to sell a car, you'd wash it. Why, why, why do horsepeople think it's ok to put up sale pictures like this? It really only takes a little human effort to clean up a horse. Drag a pail of hot water from the house if you don't have it in the barn. Put that muddy horse in a stall for three hours and the mud will dry and then you can brush most of it off. It really is NOT hard. Make a little effort or don't complain when you wind up on the blog!

Some good news from the Standardbred world...Hanover Shoe Farms takes care of 100 old Standardbred, most retired broodmares (and don't they look fat and happy!)

Now for those of you who wanted to see more of our cover boy from yesterday - here is his 32nd birthday picture! His mom posted and yes, he is alive, well and still being ridden regularly.

For Californians - your Governor has come up with the world's dumbest idea to put a 9% tax on veterinary services. Um, Governator, we have enough people who can't afford the vet as it is. If you think this is a horrible idea and live in California, write the Governor's office and tell them why.

The Honorable Arnold Schwarzenegger
Governor of California
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814
916.558.3160 Fax

It's Friday, so of course we have a Friday Featured Rescue!

You've heard me talk before about how you absolutely CAN geld an old stallion and ride him the rest of his life, and this guy is an example of that! This cutie is an AQHA gelding named Cutter Late Bar. Since he was gelded this year, at age 23, he has done extremely well. He's being ridden and has been shown at a schooling show in both halter and performance. How cute is he? He's in Winterport, Maine at Spirit of Hope rescue, so if you are looking for an adorable older horse, check him out!

I also wanted to mention this wonderful retirement facility in Florida. Look how great their old coots look! Locals tell me this is a great place to direct your holiday donations. I also like how they tell private owners to take care of their own horses. YES.

All right, hope everybody here in the U.S. is enjoying their long weekend and having some time to escape and enjoy the horses!