Monday, December 1, 2008

Time for another auction report...

As long as people keep breeding garbage and arguing that it's their right, I'm going to keep posting these. This is where all those little grade and low-end registered foals end up. And yes, weanlings DO go to the kill buyer. The rule is they have to be six months old to go to kill but do you think anybody is checking? It's like the pregnant mare thing - pregnant mares aren't supposed to go to kill but, oops, a foal gets born on the slaughterhouse floor. No one is enforcing the laws.

Submitted by a reader in Texas:

Auction report
Saturday, June 8, 2008

The low end horse market is rough, rough, rough here in Texas. This weekend’s sale was the worst in remembering. I’m not talking about horse stock since there is always a wide range of $50 weanlings to the $1000 ranch horses. I’m talking about a complete lack of people to buy them. There were far fewer horses than usual and far fewer people. There are usually two killer buyers that frequent this auction but only one bothered to show up for tonight. By the time the last horse ran through at 11:00 PM, there were only a handful of people still there. This guest blog is in no means meant to show the auction barn in a bad light since they are all good people who want the horses to sell well. This is only meant to highlight what is going on around the country as prices drop lower and lower. The low of the night was a black mule who couldn’t get a bid at $25. Highest horse was $1100. I also want to note that the killer buyer was selling some horses as well so yes you are reading that right.

Reg. APHA Sorrel Overo Gelding- ridden in; very well turned out; used as a pleasure horse- $450 No sale. Owner wanted $600
15 yo Reg APHA Red Roan Tobiano Mare- ridden in; nice spin but big gash in her side- $500
14 yo Bay Mare- looked like a mule (ewe neck and big ears); ridden in; very skinny- $150 to the killer buyer
7 yo Grade Palomino Gelding - used as trail/drill team horse; ewe neck; ridden by a teenager; tossing head constantly- $650
7-8 yo Grade Bay Roan Mare- one of the KBs horses; used as a cutting horse; BUILT! Great turn and stop- No saled at $700 (He wanted $1000)
Reg. AQHA Sorrel Mare and colt pair- very skinny mama; broodmare only- $275 (KB wouldn’t buy b/c of foal)
3 yo Grade Rose Grey Gelding- looked about ready to buck the rider off; cute but hot- $350 No sale
15 yo Grade Sorrel Gelding- ridden in but chomping at the bit; had a nice neck rein though- $500
3 yo Reg. AQHA Black Mare- wild-eyed and didn’t ride well; no turn at all; barely broke and almost rearing; very plain- $325 No sale
6 yo Grade Red Dun Mare- Roman nose but pretty; green broke; solid built but neck too thick- No sale (buyer wanted $1000)
8 yo Paint Pony Chestnut Mare- maybe a Shetland; stood around 11H; very, very cute and flashy; nicely turned out in full tack but ridden in by an adult; just weaned a baby and might be bred back- $500
Yearling Bay Paint Colt- was led in and then proceeded to try and mount the handler 3 times; handler thought it was funny- $150
21 month old Grade Chestnut Colt- Drop dead gorgeous but a complete ass; he had been trying to mount some yearlings through the fence in his pen before the sale. Both parents are reg. QHs but they never bothered with the paperwork Led in and released; reared in arena- $900
15 month old Grade Sorrel Colt- ewe necked but well handled; led into arena and very respectful of handler; long backed- $100
7 yo Grade Sorrel Mare- corralled into ring; not halter broke; very wild-eyed; okay looking; okay movement- less than $200
2 yo Grade Red Dun Colt- wouldn’t lead; pretty but nesty; also thick through throat latch- $800
12 yo Grade Mare- wouldn’t lead; broodmare only- $175 No sale
Yearling Grey Jack- shaggy and ugly even for a donkey- $40

(Pictured) 13 yo Paint Red Roan Mare- cute but obviously lame- $150 No sale
2 yo AQHA Bay Colt- leggy and malnourished; maybe 13H; leads ok; racing bred- $125
6 yo Paint Jack- led ok, girl hopped on back- No bids
Yearling Reg. APHA Black Gelding- leads well; very downhill- $375
3 yo Reg. AQHA Sorrel Gelding- very good racing lines; skinny and narrow-based- $175 to KB
Yearling APHA Sorrel Filly- not halter broke; pretty markings- $300 No sale
Yearling Reg. APHA Palomino Filly- very well turned out; leads- $425
4 yo Reg. APHA Grey Mare- lovely markings and a cute face; great racing lines but narrow-base; broke as a 2 yo but “needs work”- $300 (This is the one I bid on and I’m kicking myself for not going to $325)
2 yo Reg. AQHA Palomino Mare- nice but looked like a yearling; not halter broke- $350
2 yo Reg. AQHA Dun Colt- brought in with previous mare and same thoughts on size and training; well bred- $350
10 yo Black Grade Gelding- solid ranch horse; had done some healing; rode quiet- $650
4 yo Black Grade Colt- pointy hip; could make a nice gelding- $125
Weanling Reg. AQHA Colt- mangy and thin; not halter broke- $100
Weanling Grade Sorrel Colt- worm belly- $25 to KB
5 yo Grade Sorrel Mare- ridden in; pretty but short-necked; bad scrape on hind quarters- $350
15 yo ApHA Bay Mare- very flashy but stick-tailed and hot hot hot; kicking at anything and everything in her pen- $450 to KB for resale
4 yo Grade Grey Colt- couldn’t have been more than 13H; skinny skinny and sway-backed- $75
Paint Sorrel Gelding- ridden in but wouldn’t turn and tossing head- $300 to KB
2 yo AQHA Sorrel Gelding- very well turned out; very well-bred; handled daily; tested and free of HYPP; beautiful hip; handled well and ready to be broke- $1000
2 AQHA Reg. Red Dun Fillies- yearlings; not halter broke; one had a huge sore under his belly from being kicked- $75 to KB
2 yo Reg. AQHA Black Filly- Very well turned out and calm. Very pretty and well bred; HYPP N/N- $850
Reg. APHA Black Mare- looked more like a fjord w/ roached mane and all; rode well and calm; looked in foal; very thick neck- $900
Two ponies led in together; one was registered as a Shetland I think- Reg. went for $300 and other went to KB for $225 for resale (I assume)
13 yo Reg. APHA Bay Mare- ridden 3-4 times; broodmare; handled well and led in by a child; very well bred and well built- $300
2 yo Paint Bay Gelding- very loud tobiano with nice markings; guaranteed sound; rode well but high head carriage- $1100 (high sale of the night)
5 yo Grade Grulla Mare & Filly Foal- weak hip and ewe neck- see note below
8 yo Grade Grey Mare & Filly Foal- cute but grade- see note below
7 month old Black Mule- out of a POA mare; leads and learning to drive- No bids even at $25 No sale
Weanling Reg. AQHA Sorrel Filly- leads well and picks up feet- $100 No sale

For 44 and 45 the Killer buyer was hoping to sell the 2 month old babies who were suckling their mothers in the ring as weanlings in order to take the mares away for slaughter. I wasn’t quite sure what happened in the end but I believe that none of them sold. I would count that as the low point of the night.

FHOTD back in: Yeah. Keep breeding those $25 foals...this is just so frustrating. It's not like we don't know what makes them happen. And please note the mule that got no bids, for those of you who argue oh, no, mules ALWAYS sell, it's still just FINE to breed mules. Apparently the low end is not selling in anything...not even mules!

And a happy ending for you...Most of us who watch racing have seen a horse break down on the track, and even if they can get up and walk, a lot of them do not make it or are swiftly sent to kill. That was almost the case with a colt named Lord Gabriel who broke his coffin bone in a race at age three. Another race trainer saw the accident and decided to buy him and rehab him after finding out the owner planned to send him to auction. They rehabbed him successfully and he made a successful return to racing before retiring. He was gelded and sold and became an eventer.

Many years later, they got the call that he needed a home once more. At age 17, he came back to them and became their daughter's new show horse. This picture was taken at his last show. He has retired and now hangs around the barn begging for jelly donuts. He will be with them forever. How gorgeous is he?