Saturday, June 30, 2007

If these were cars, the wheels would fall off

Today I'm going to talk about a personal pet peeve conformational defect known as "back at the knee." If you've ever bent your knees to lift something heavy, you know that your legs are stronger when the knee is bent slightly in the proper direction. What if the knee were built so that even at rest, it was actually behind the position of the lower leg? It is easy to imagine what an ineffective leg that creates. In horses, it creates a weak leg that is at high risk of tendon injury, a horse who is not built to stay sound and won't. I knew I could count on the Internet to turn up numerous examples. Just to horrify everyone further, I limited my choices to stallions standing at stud.

The foreleg here is a classic example. If you drew a straight line upwards from the front of the pastern, the knee isn't going to meet it. It isn't even going to come close enough to wave hello. (And while we're talking about this stallion, where is his neck?)

OK, obviously there is just all kinds of shit wrong here but check out that front end! Wow, that is really something special, because we appear to actually have some variety - the right front is back at the knee and the left front is over at the knee! And of course both feet point out, because when you have a barrel racin' stallion, it helps if they have some duck blood. It makes 'em keep their footin' good when it rains at the rodeo.
Along the same lines, they are either trying to grow his feet to resemble a duck's, or they are just too ignorant/cheap to get him a hoof trim. I'm voting for #2.
P.S. Feedin' and dewormin' yer stallion is highly recommended, y'all! Best to do that afore you take his pitcher.

Ha ha, nice try on the selective photography! In this picture - the only one posted of this allegedly palomino (sure looks sorrel to me) stallion - the feet are lopped off but, sadly, the knees are still in the picture and boy is he ever back at the knee. Look at the front left. Textbook example.
The best part on this one is their advertising slogan for him. Allow me to quote: "Impressive bloodlines!! And he is very impressive!"

OK, you guys are kidding about this one, right?

April Fools was three months ago. Take down the pictures of your yak.

DAMN, that wouldn't even make a decent gelding. In fact, I may have to make a banner for this site featuring this horse. He is the poster child!