Friday, June 29, 2007

Hey Mustang breeders? Here's what's wrong with breeding Mustangs.

A friend of mine likes to say that breeding Mustangs is like breeding mosquitoes. In short, why would you breed something there are plenty of already that no one wants? Now, the Mustang breeders are horrified if you say this, but here's a well known Mustang breeder - giving them away for free on DreamHorse.

(Oh too funny. He deleted his ad. Do you think he got some hate mail? Hey, I found an interview he did for some moron reporter - check this out...)

"Rick Littleton started breeding kigers in 1987 and now has 100 on his ranch in Alfalfa. He has sold Kigers for as much as $13,000 - not much for a top thoroughbred, but a high price for horses once hunted for dogfood. So, $13,000 You've got a bit of a range going there.

His top stud is Steens Kiger, who sired Donner, the model for "Spirit." DreamWorks and Littleton won't disclose the price paid for Donner, but the purported number is $50,000, which Littleton allows is "in the neighborhood." Spielberg needs to make better business decisions. Perhaps he should read DreamHorse and see he can get one for free?

"When I first started this, no one wanted these horses," Littleton said. and apparently this is still the case if you are GIVING THEM AWAY. "But within a couple years, people were selling their picking numbers (from the adoption lotteries) for thousands of dollars. Guess the rush is over, ya think?

"Most of my customers are romantics," Littleton said. "The horses are part of American history." No, most of your customers are suckers and I fear you are running low on them.

Seriously, my head is going to explode one of these days. Why would you breed something you have to give away? What is the point? Are you truly so stupid you don't comprehend there aren't enough good homes for all the horses already out there? GOD. This just makes me furious.