Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Form and function and a lot more...

Wow. I have to say, this is the worst shoulder I've seen so far. This is, thankfully, a gelding who someone was smart enough to ensure couldn't reproduce. Check out that shoulder. It is almost straight up and down. This horse must ride like you are sitting on a jackhammer. At least this one is out of the gene pool, and we can only hope he was an "oops" baby from a one-time breeding of his parents.

Here is a sweet old mare advertised for sale. The only problem is that the ad brags that she has had a few foals. Dear Lord, why? Because she is gray? This mare has short stubby legs and tiny feet which don't look even marginally capable of holding up her bulk. She has big old head and appears to be cowhocked. Folks, just because a horse has a nice disposition, that doesn't mean you should breed it.