Saturday, June 2, 2007

Don't toot your horn so loud unless you're driving a Ferrari

A friend forwarded me an advertisement for this filly, described by her optimistic breeder as "flawless." I am not sure what the word means in their world, but their picture shows a filly who is going to have some training issues as her right front leg wants to go in a different direction as the rest of the horse. That can be a real problem, although it does make leg yielding easier, at least on that side. Like the colt we saw yesterday, this filly has a "nest" - her neck seems to grow straight out from her forelegs with little definition, and it isn't any longer than her head. While she may somewhat grow out of her downhill conformation, I doubt she will grow out of her post legged back end and short, thick neck.

This opinion is reinforced by the picture of her dam, on the same web site. Note that Momma has the same post legs behind and thick, short neck as the daughter. In addition, she does not look like she ever made it to level - her croup still appears higher than her withers.

This filly is not just going through an awkward baby stage. These folks bred a mediocre mare and produced a mediocre baby in the most common color on earth for absolutely no good reason.

But wait, there's more...

The most stunning example of "WTF, WHY did you breed THAT?" on their web site comes in the form of a buckskin gelding who is the most stunning example of "nest" I have seen lately. Not to mention, his back end makes these mares look like excellent stadium jumping candidates in comparison. If this critter is still sound by his sixth birthday, I'm going to be big-time surprised.