Friday, June 22, 2007

"Not stallion quality" does not begin to describe this

Allow me to share the ad copy with you:

"Shetland stallion chestnut/white 5yo with blue eyes, not reg. Need exp home, not much handling and needs more. $900 firm."

Between that and the picture, I think we have encountered the ultimate depths of how f'ed up this business can be. I've seen a lot fancier PMU foals than this thing. The #1 form of handling this creature needs is a gelding operation. Do I even need to go over the myriad of conformational flaws? I will be typing all day. I'm sure that you, dear reader, can see it all for yourselves.

Since we are on the topic of Shetland stallions now, allow me to share this one. This is actually a good one, despite the poor choice of picture angles and total lack of grooming or any attempt to make him look desirable. I'm sharing this because the ad copy is appalling. The pony hopefully will wind up in better hands, perhaps even with someone who will actually train him.

"I would like to trade this pony for something that I can use like, trailer, truck, 4x4, 4wheeler, brush hog, guns, cash, electric wench, ect." You want an electric WHAT? Well, damn, I didn't know they had electrified the blow-up dolls these days. See, it's hard keepin' up with all that new technology!

[insert a bunch of stuff about pony's show wins manymanymany years ago] "He has been out in the pasture for 7 years no breeding (he wants a girlfriend)no handling."

This begs the question "can you even catch him?" And who are these people who let horses sit for 7 years without handling them? "Hey, Ma, is that black and white pony still out there with the chickens" "Yep, Paw, he ain't run off yet but he keeps tryin' to breed your sheep." "Well shit, I wonder if I can trade him for a 4 wheeler? Or mebbe a six pack?"

Just for comparison's sake, here is what a modern champion Shetland stallion looks like. You will note absolutely no resemblance between this and today's horse #1.