Friday, June 1, 2007

Missing body parts

Today's lesson is about missing body parts - or at least body parts that are wildly undersized in comparison to the rest of the horse, giving the horse the appearance of a FrankenHorse monster which has been assembled from a collection of non-matching pieces.

This sad filly, for example, has no butt. She has a long back and a long underline that looks like it should culminate in a butt, but sadly, does not. Who is responsible for breeding this thing? I'm not sure she's going to be athletic enough to do 4-H walk trot.

You've probably heard of "cankles" before...well, this colt has a "nest." His neck runs straight into his front legs. Where is his chest? We think it's there, but we can't really see it. If he were a chick, he'd be a AA cup. His general weak, wormy appearance does not help his overall look and it is no surprise his owner, who clearly thought they were in the money because he popped out grulla overo, is now ditching him for cheap on the Internet.

C'mon gotta THINK before you breed. Both these horses are for sale for less than $500. You aren't making back the cost of feeding your mare for the year much less stallion service, vet, etc. So why? Why do you continue to breed these crappy horses?